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Rusty Whitaker

P.O. Box 72142
Albany, GA
Office 229.439.2457

Toll free: 877.861.9579



The rules of business have changed. Our economy has dictated a low margin for success in the marketplace. Success is now defined by the ability to get your product to the market more cost effectively and efficiently than your competitors. RDA Telecom Consulting delivers those efficiencies by reducing expenses on your existing telecom service.

RDA Telecom Consulting is a professional service firm specializing in a variety of telecommunications consulting services. Our services include:

bullet Dispute Resolution
bullet Special Projects
bullet Billing Reconciliation
bullet Asset Recovery

We are not affiliated with any service providers nor do we receive commissions for endorsing or selling their services. We identify and correct the errors created by the vendors that serve you. We will explain how you can reduce your current costs for existing services you receive and ensure that you are on the best plan to serve your business needs. At RDA Telecom Consulting, we are truly an independent consultant working for the customer.

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