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With your permission we obtain a copy of your Customer Service Records (CSR's) and audit each Universal Service Ordering Code (USOC). The CSR can be hundreds of pages long for a large corporation. Each code, or USOC, is a different charge or cost to you. These codes, added together, determine the overall bill for each customer. Since each of these codes are entered for each

telecommunication's initial order, one error could result in years of over billing. Each state's Public Service Commission regulates the rates for in-state services. The FCC regulates rates for any service which is originated and terminated into two different states. These rates are called tariffs. As your auditor, we will:
Perform a detailed analysis of your CSR and/or bill for accuracy of USOC's on your CSR.
Examine fee structures and rates, contractual and month-to-month agreements, and negotiate the lowest rates available through existing tariffs.
We will verify that the changes we requested on your behalf, are correctly billed on your following billing statement.
All areas of telecommunications including local and long distance dial-tone, Centrex agreements, T-1, DSL, Frame Relay, Business Lines, Analog and Digital Trunks, Primary Rate ISDN, and ATM Networks, are scrutinized to place your needs first in contract development.

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