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1. "Our accounting department is already overloaded and giving them more to do will just add to there load. How much time will required from our accounting department to provide you the required information?"
A. All we need is a Letter of Authorization (LOA) on your letterhead to access your accounts. This LOA should include your billing account numbers that you already receive from your local telecommunications carrier.
2. "We have already asked our local telecommunications carrier for discounts on services, they tell us that we are receiving the state/federal tariff pricing for our services? How can you help?"
A. What the carriers will not tell you is that custom agreements are negotiated daily; and based upon your location, services used, contract terms, or competition, your rates are negotiable.

3. "We do not want to make changes on our telephone system or how we use our telephone system to make calls? How can we save money and not make any changes?"
A. AT RDA Telecom Consulting, we recommend changing the billing of services you currently receive; we do not affect how your telephone system is programmed or how you place calls. In fact, your local telecommunications carrier will service your accounts in the same manner as they did before there were any billing changes.


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