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According to industry experts approximately 87% of telecommunication billing contains errors. Unbelievable, but true; especially in larger customer's bills. A simple error or miscalculation can cost a company a substantial overpayment. Don't take our word for it. Telecommunications auditing services have been recommended by leading consumer columnists and national publications (see "Industry News" page) including Money Magazine, The N.Y.Times, Teleconnect, Call Center Magazine, Phone+, Computer Telephony and CNBC Money Talk. They all agree that telecommunications billing errors are so common, businesses owe it to themselves to have their services professionally reviewed.Regrettably the majority of these errors will go undetected because it is up to the customer to discover and request the necessary adjustments in order to correct them. Most businesses do not have the resources or time needed to analyze their telecommunications services. Without special training in regulations, billing formulas, equipment, tariffs, and USOC's, most businesses would not be able to discover these errors.

Deregulation in the telecommunications industry has opened the door to more complex rate structures and billing. Today businesses need a third party expert, such as RDA Telecom Consulting, to work on their behalf to identify and eliminate inflated charges, incorrect billing, contract negotiations, or re-negotiating, and streamline their services while creating a positive impact on their bottom line. We will manage your telecommunications services so you have time to manage your business!

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